• Single Phase Input – Up to 300Hp 
  • Windmill Start – Control a forward or reverse coasting load quickly and smoothly 
  • UL Type 1 Plenum Rated Enclosure (NEMA 1) 
  • Built-in communication interfaces, I/O, positioning, and data logging functionalities

The F700 inverter delivers exceptional energy saving motor control and application scalability in a stand alone VFD. Simultaneous installation of two I/O cards within the inverter, coupled with the built-in PLC transforms the inverter itself into a versatile controller without the added expense of a bypass package. The optimum excitation control function dynamically modifies the V/Hz curve during acceleration and deceleration for maximum energy savings. The F700 is equally adept at sequencing pumps, managing HVAC applications, or driving any variable torque load from 1 to 1000 hp.