• Handles multiple control disciplines including sequence, motion, CNC and robot
  • Modular design can be easily tailored to fit any small or large scale automation requirements
  • Largest assortment of communication interfaces including digital and isolated analog interfaces devices
  • Intuitive software suite with comprehensive function block library
  • Outstanding reliability and still simple to service and maintain by both engineering and all levels of maintenance personnel


The iQ platform is a one-of-a-kind modular Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) that combines several automation disciplines into a single simplified architecture. Using the latest in innovative technology, the iQ delivers the best-in-class performance, accuracy and repeatability that many process applications demand. The iQ platform is designed to transform complex batch operations into simple digestible function block elements. Using CPUs that are optimized for their respective disciplines, users are able to configure, diagnose and maintain critical batch systems with the least amount of engineering effort. The iQ is proven to be ideal platform for demanding users that strive for perfection on their first attempt.