Gain Control of Water Systems

The need for purified and ultra-clean water continues to grow while the availability of adequate water and waste water treatment facilities remains unchanged. Increasingly taxed infrastructure continues to age as government regulations increase producer requirements for tighter control and reporting. Integration of collection, treatment, quality and distribution systems into a single operational dashboard helps meet these new requirements and achieve optimal performance.


Reduce engineering cost and time with an extensible multiuser configuration environment. Reusable smart symbols, global aliasing and templates allow the HMI/ SCADA developer to provide content for operators and management efficiently. Mitsubishi Electric’s modular system allows easy migration toward new operating systems and technologies.
  • Minimize applications development time 
  • Modular system scales as your operation grows 
  • Leading edge Microsoft® Technologies: WPF, WCF, .NET, Silverlight® 

Integration of real-time and legacy equipment and plant data into an operational dashboard provides quality metrics and KPIs. With real-time HMI/SCADA, operators are quickly notified and can respond to accurate information as conditions and alarms occur. Easily create advanced reports to document operations, maintenance and analysis efforts.
  • Real-time monitoring, control and reporting 
  • High performance long-term data historian 
  • GIS integration using EarthWorks™ 
  • Alarm management, mobile notifications & alerts 

Mitsubishi Electric provides intelligence for everyone in the water organization. With Water Analytics™, data is available for management, analysis and reporting. Customizable web portals offer personalized views of operations, maintenance and financial data to support management’s effort for cost control and maximum productivity. Visualize all aspects of your enterprise from anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • Sharepoint portals and dashboards for water systems 
  • Reporting requirements supported by historical data 
  • Interface with MS SQL, SAP, Oracle and plant asset systems 

Meet government regulatory reporting requirements with standard reports based on real-time and historical data. Visualize reports based on schedule or event occurrence, and publish reports via e-mail, fax, website and more. Verify, authenticate and maintain tight security of your water systems. Access is based on group or individual control with time-based audit trails.


Mitsubishi Electric’s Water Analytics™ solution is a Water Portal technology which integrates information from water systems. Key analytics such as Turbidity, Temperature, pH, Residual Chlorine and Flow are provided to plant management. New Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) technologies help to quickly predict equipment and energy inefficiencies and provide possible causes that help improve plant operations.


Mitsubishi Electric’s high performance iQ Plant Suite HMI/SCADA provides a scalable and distributed architecture that integrates all aspects of a utility operation. It normalizes data from a multitude of interfaces and systems independent of source. This minimizes training costs, optimizes staff utilization, and allows real-time data viewing for all HMI/SCADA and historian functions.

  • OPC Classic
  • Modbus
  • SNMP
  • Ethernet
  • Database Access
Industry Applications
  • Water and wastewater systems 
  • Pump and lift stations 
  • Water distribution systems 
  • Industrial water systems 
  • Flood control 
  • Desalination systems 
  • Reduced engineering cost 
  • Improved project management and deployment 
  • Investment protection with unlimited scalability 
  • Easy migration to new operating systems 
  • Improvement in monitoring and control capabilities 
  • Improved alarm management and personnel notification 
  • Enhanced regulatory reporting 
  • Higher level of security for entire operation 
  • Maximized visibility into operations